Saying goodbye, part II

Well, last weekend proved to be a bit rotten. In addition to Herbie's passing, we (Dad, Stephen, and I) went to see a terrible jazz concert. There were three guitarists. The first was excellent, the second was mediocre, and the third was, at best, producing noise. We left before the final set (where all three guitarists played together) and got on the 110 freeway in San Pedro. As we rounded the curve on the on ramp, we saw a wall of brake lights. Someone had wrecked earlier and everyone was stopping. Dad hit the brakes, but it was too late. We slid into the back of a Chevy pickup truck. Turns out chromed steel bumper > Accord body panels.

Yesterday afternoon we got word from the body shop that the Accord is totaled. As you can see, it was pristine before the accident. At 125,000 miles it probably had another 10 years of life in it. I'm not particularly attached to the car emotionally but it seems unfortunate to waste something that could have served us well for a long time.