Who is Prib?

[Updated 4-26-2009]

I'm an engineer in my late twenties who grew up in Illinois and transplanted to Southern California after graduating from the University of Missouri - Rolla (now Missouri S&T) in 2004 with my Bachelor's degree in EE. I completed a Master's degree, also in EE, at the University of Southern California in 2008. I work in satellite communications in the aerospace industry right here in the South Bay. I have retained a good deal of Midwestern opinions, tastes and quirks but appreciate the SoCal lifestyle and climate.

I am a hands-on detail-oriented person with an affinity for things mechanical. My favorite toys as a kid were LEGO bricks, and today I enjoy wrenching on my vehicles as a hobby. I also like computer programming, gadgets, photography, and playing the bass guitar.

I grew up in a Christian family and was saved at the age of five. My faith is important to me and I am active in my church, Torrance First Baptist. I attend and appreciate a paragraph-by-paragraph Bible study every Tuesday where we are currently studying Isaiah.

At the beginning of this year, I began diligently tracking my finances and implementing a monthly budget. I have honed the process over the last few months and have come to a pretty well-balanced mixture of savings, needs, and wants.


  1. Hi Jonathan,

    It is Leonicia - Matt told me about your website and wanted to check your notes. I will be praying for you to get better. Before I forget - I tried the cereal you gave me with fruits in the blender and some honey. It was good. I left it in water the night before and then added fruits and a little bit of honey. Very good.
    News from this end: Matt and I are getting ready to go Dominican Republic for a while so we are selling the house and getting ready - very exciting!
    Please say hi to everyone, Take care Leonicia

  2. Hey Leonicia - it's great to hear from you! I definitely appreciate your prayers and your thoughts.

    That's exciting about going to the Dominican Republic. Keep me updated on when you're going to be there - I'd really love to come visit and maybe help out in the shop (but my Spanish isn't so great :)