Brief Health Update

The last 2-3 weeks have been good. I finally feel like things might be turning around for the better. While I have been left with little reserves and am, in many respects, worse than I was several months ago, I do finally feel like I can say "this week was better than last" and have been able to for a few. I think there are a few factors going into this: diet, exercise, and state of mind. I have been paying special attention to all three relative to my general health. I also want to bring prayer to attention: I can think of at least five instances in the past month where people have specifically prayed for my health and am sure that's playing a role.

I switched my primary care physician to a doctor with UCLA so [the Western Medicine portion of] my care can be better facilitated among the various and sundry specialists.

I have one goal for 2010 health-wise: take a more active role in the maintenance and management of my own health. Of course, that's one of those poorly-worded vague, immeasurable goals. Thus, I need another one: gain 30 lbs by the end of the year.