Quick update

I meant to blog about my motorcycle day-trip my dad and I took a couple weeks ago but it got past me until now. It happened to be the hottest day in SoCal that I can remember but we had a blast. We rode up into the San Gabriel mountains, ate lunch at a biker bar on the Angeles Crest Highway, and on the way back down took a detour. The scenery was amazing, the twisties were fun, the food was really good (I got chili) and we got to ride through a few tunnels - which is always fun. All in all it was about a 150-mile day and very rewarding. Silly me forgot to take the digicam though.

I'm leaving this weekend to visit my brother Daniel in San Francisco. He said it's the beginning of the crush (the season in which wineries pressa da grapes) so we'll probably rent a car and head up that way for a day. I'm pretty excited - San Francisco is one of my favorite places to visit and I always enjoy hanging out with Daniel.

School is going well this semester. I turned in my first homework assignment yesterday, which I completed with little incident or gnashing of teeth. I'm already three weeks in and don't hate the class/the professor/my life, which is a very good sign.