Once again, it's been a while. I'll try to be fairly to the point:

  • I visited Daniel in SF back in September. We ate well, enjoyed the city, toured Sonoma Valley tasting wine, and had a really good time.
  • The orange bug is officially for sale. I think I have it listed too high. I have had 2 people supposedly interested in it but both have flaked out in one way or another.
  • My cousin, her husband, their 3 boys (5 years old, 2 years old, 7 months old), and my aunt and uncle came to visit from St. Louis. Cousin and hubby took the weekend to enjoy LA while the rest of us watched the boys. Jack (the 5 year old) and I hung out a lot over the weekend and really had a good time. He was sad when they had to leave. I was too. This experience has caused me to re-evaluate my "live on a boat, have a dog" plan for the future.
  • I decided to get my PhD. I would like to teach some day and, to be honest, the prestige has some appeal as well. I talked to the academic advisor at USC and my GPA is not high enough to be admitted. I realized I need a break from academia for a while and focus on my career instead. I decided not to get my PhD (not immediately anyway).
  • I took my midterm a couple weeks ago. I did less than average. In my opinion the grading was unnecessarily harsh. I talked to the professor and he agreed and gave me 20 points back (out of 200). My grade is now above average.
  • Daniel came home last weekend to visit and made a Mexican feast (he likes to show off his new-found talents each time he comes home). This included carnitas, which was amazing but no-one in the family should eat for health reasons. Oh well.
  • Sanctify! has been studying Matthew. It's a great book and we're taking a much different approach than Ephesians or Amos. I like the overview feel but kind of miss dissecting the details since I'm very detail-oriented.

That is all for now.