San Francisco

Although I haven't had a chance to blog about it yet, I had a great time last weekend in San Francisco. I took my brother Daniel up since he started culinary school at the California Culinary Academy on Monday. The trip itself was a lot of fun. Traffic was good all the way up and back. Hanging out in San Francisco was really cool too. I saw a friend from high school who attends art school up there. I hadn't seen him since graduation nearly seven years ago.

San Francisco the city is much different from Los Angeles. LA is huge and spread out; San Fran is compact and everything is relatively close. The public transit system is simply amazing. You can get to within a couple blocks of anywhere in the city, and usually faster than if you drove. The food was fantastic too. We ate at a German restaurant on Friday night, an Italian restaurant on Saturday night, and a local bakery on Sunday morning. The city seems almost organic or alive, while LA is very industrial automated-feeling.

I plan to visit on a pretty regular basis. This is the first time Daniel has lived away from home so he's adjusting - but I'm sure he will do well. I have never seen him this excited about anything and he has talked about becoming a chef since he was a kid.