Quarterly Update

Yep, I'm a useless blob that can't be bothered to blog, hardly ever. Here's the last 3 months in a nutshell:

  • Daniel was home for Halloween.
  • The family had the wurst Thanksgiving (hahaha); we went to Alpine Village and got German food since no one wanted turkey (except Daniel who stayed in San Francisco).
  • I rearranged my room over Thanksgiving weekend. I gave the 'rents my TV and moved a queen bed into my room and my loft out (it's too hot near the ceiling and I've developed a bit of a fear of heights).
  • I finished my second-to-last semester on my 26th birthday. Of note, I will never have to take a final on my birthday again. It's about time - this is the 3rd year in a row. I got an A- in the class.
  • The family went to San Francisco for Christmas. We met Mom's sister, her son, and a friend of hers there. The three of them, Mom and I took a 5-day road trip down the California coast. It was beautiful, as it always is. Highlights include:
    • Lots of amazing food both in San Francisco and along the coast.
    • Sea lion birthing season. We saw many adults up on the beach along with a handful of wee babies. That was way cool.
    • Hearst castle. What a cool collection of art and architecture.
  • My mom's brother flew in for the Rose Bowl game (U of Illinois vs. USC). I attend USC and he's a U of I alum. We cousins and him went to that - it was fun but even though I was rooting for USC it was disappointing to see Illinois get beaten that badly (I still have some blue and orange in my blood).
  • I started my last semester at USC and am now 2.5 weeks in. I'm shooting for an A. We'll see what happens.
  • Sanctify! is studying James. Matthew was kind of overview-ish for me. I'm a detail person.
  • I'm a member at large on the CE (Christian Education) committee at church. I am (as are the rest of the committee members) optimistic about this year and what we will accomplish. There is a hunger for change and growth.

The entire family is going to Florida in mid-February for my great grandma's 100th birthday. In fact, all of her descendants will be there. The last time we all got together was 10 years ago for her 90th. I'm very excited (as is everyone else) and am looking forward to getting together with all the cousins, aunts, and uncles again.

That's about all for now. Every time I post I think to myself, "Boy, I should be more consistent" but we all see what happens. As such, I will make an effort but not make any promises.