Pulmonary relief?

A few weeks ago, I was in pretty bad shape so I went to my pulmonary doctor. I was put on antibiotics for a couple weeks, some tests were ordered, and the doctor recommended some respiratory therapy. I also started The Maker's Diet around the same time. I didn't feel 100% at the end of the antibiotics but the lab has been slow in getting results. I have not been great the last week or so but have discovered a few key things:

  • The therapy is helpful. It includes oxygen, a nebulizer with albuterol (a broncho-dilator), and something called "The Vest" which vibrates your chest cavity - theoretically knocking phlegm loose from where it may be stuck. I did all 3 in concert this morning (I just received training on The Vest last night) and felt better upon coming to work than I have in a while.
  • I eat improperly on weekends. It's not so much that I deviate from my diet; it's the fact that I sleep in too late and get my schedule all messed up and usually don't eat enough to keep me going. With so little reserves, this is a bad deal.
  • Exercise is really important. If I intentionally push myself for half an hour or more, I can tell a difference in how I feel for the rest of the evening after a workout. Weekends usually sabotage this too in regards to schedule.
  • Kefir and yogurt, specifically goat-derived, are incredibly good for the gut and quite tasty, especially with some puréed berries mixed in. In general, The Maker's Diet has been helping. If nothing else, my appetite is much improved.


  1. When I worked at Abbey Medical, we sold Percussors (used to knock loose lung congestion, among other uses). Wish I'd remembered this earlier.

    btw, nice look to the blog!

  2. I'd heard of chest percussion done manually with cupped hands or a little rubber cup thingy but this is more thorough and doesn't require a willing party to thump me for 20 minutes.

    Thanks for the props on the re-design! Yours is shaping up too.