Saying goodbye

Last weekend, my hamster Herbie died.

He was probably the cutest hamster to ever have lived. He was really good natured too - a little fidgety when being held but never bit anyone or peed on them. Toward the end of his life, he had gained a lot of weight and was having respiratory problems. I knew it was the beginning of the end when he stopped sleeping in the top section of his cage and moved down to the bottom. I will miss him, but I am glad he is no longer in pain. Stephen and I went out on the balcony and he played taps while I burned a candle.

The next morning, I sold the black VW. Forgive me, but I deleted all the pictures I have of it so as to begin the process of removing it from my memory. This was not a bittersweet parting. I am elated to finally be rid of it. All I have to do now is clean up the orange one a little bit and fix a couple little problems and list it. I'm not so eager to sell this one because it's not nearly as much of a pain in the neck. I can take my time finding the right buyer and the right price.


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