March post, hopefully not the only one

I really do intend to get more regular at this. Quite a bit is going on in my life. Midterms were this week. I did poorly on one, but have the opportunity to re-do it to regain half the points I missed (as does everyone in the class). I haven't gotten the other one back. I think I did a bit better but I'm not sure how much. No one finished, so I'm not extremely worried - it was supposed to be hard.

My middle brother, Daniel, has decided to go to culinary school. Business just wasn't for him (actually, I think it is - but getting a bachelor's in business and running a business don't necessarily jive for everyone). I have never seen him nearly this excited about school. He decided on the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. I'm going to take him up in very late March or early April (he starts April 10).

Bible study is good. I've been diligent about doing my homework for both Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings. I'm going to start posting my thoughts on what I read and study so stay tuned...


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