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Thank you, I'll be here all week.

I suppose the primary reason for the silence over the past several months has been that nothing earth-shattering has happened in my life and I haven't feel like humdrum stuff has been worth blogging about.

I did have my 27th birthday not quite two weeks ago. Somewhat as a result of that and somewhat as a result of feeling like my life has been stagnant for about 6 months and somewhat as a result of a recent valley health-wise and emotionally (which I think I am coming out of in both respects) I have decided to make some personal adjustments (I guess I could call them resolutions, but waiting until January 1 to start to do something worthwhile is stupid and most resolutions are abandoned by early to mid February) in the areas of:

  • Health. I need to intentionally exercise more and eat a heck of a lot if I want to regain weight and wellness. I have been better about getting on the exercise bike and can tell a difference from only a handful of 20-minute days.
  • Social-ness (this is my blog, don't walk all over my English misusage). I have gotten too comfortable just hanging out at home and really should get out with people my age more.
  • Finances. I don't have big problems with money - I pay off my credit card each month and live within my means, but I'm going to be intentional about paying back my undergraduate student loans. I am hoping to do so in two years. I can still live comfortably and accomplish this, but need to cut way back on frivolous spending (eating out or at the cafeteria at work, impulse buying, gadgets, etc.). I am also going to start intentionally budgeting.
  • Entertainment. I spend a lot of time mindlessly browsing the internet. My gaming and TV habits are pretty well managed, but I need to stop getting lost in Wikipedia. I'm going to start reading more and always have a book I'm looking forward to after the one I'm reading. I'd also like to get out and shoot more photography.

I'm looking forward to a pretty low-key Christmas - just immediate family. My aunt and two of her sons are coming for New Year's, which will be fun. I always like hanging out with cousins.

I hope to get back to St. Louis sometime this spring to see my Grandma Pribble and some other cousins.

Oh yeah, one more goal - I want to blog about my progress and my life more. I think that will help me keep tabs on progress in addition to keeping me accountable.

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  1. So, I looked up "musing" on dictionary.com: "A product of contemplation; a thought". Give the title of the blog, seems like you only need to give your life situation a bit of thought and write the thoughts down.

    Glad to see ya back on the net.