Two Health Victories

The health saga continues. I have two notable victories to share since last time I posted. The first is that I started seeing my chiropractor again. This isn't necessarily earth-shattering in itself, but he got a table that's quite amazing. It's called the CERAGEM-RH. You lay on your back on top of it and it has rollers that travel up and down either side of your spine along with infrared heat. Although the first couple half-hour treatments were painful since my back was so tight and I have next to no natural padding, I can already tell some health benefits after only three sessions. My posture is improving and my back seems both a bit stronger and more mobile. Most importantly though, my ribcage pivots like it is supposed to; before it wouldn't expand much (if at all) when I breathed deeply. It was kind of like trying to blow up a balloon inside a steel cage rather than in free air - I could breathe in to a certain point but it just wouldn't go anymore. That sensation is now gone.

The second victory is something quite simplistic. Some supplements actually work. I have been consistently taking a multivitamin, a probiotic supplement, and cod liver oil for the past week and a half and have noticed a marked improvement in my digestion. I haven't notably changed my diet, sleep pattern, or started making incantations in that time so I'm pretty darn sure that the supplements are doing it. Along with improved digestion has come, I believe, improved absorption - I have gained two or three pounds since my lowest.

The upshot of all the above is that generally, over the last week, I feel like my health has been improving. Yesterday I took a walk at a pretty good clip and my stamina held out for the nearly hour I was out. I have energy to do more than just sit around. Unfortunately, I was a bad boy last night and most of today and ate way too many nasty inflammatory foods (pizza, ice cream, pancakes, mac & cheese, creme brulee) so when I went for my walk today I was rather wheezy and didn't make it nearly as far in as good condition. It was a fruitful experience though; it reminded me of the cost of eating bad stuff.

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  1. Isn't feedback grand. Couple of weeks ago, I overdid the salt and ended up with sore joints and swollen calves for days. Not worth the price, I dare say. Live and learn, eh.