5 things about Jesus

  1. He never gives me more than I can handle. This happens in my physical, emotional, and spiritual life - sometimes simultaneously. When I find myself saying "I absolutely can not take any more" I get some sort of relief, even if it is small.
  2. He has blessed my relationships with my family. My mother, father, and brothers are the people to whom I am closest with. I would lay down in the street for any one of them and am confident they would do the same for me and each other. I see so much brokenness and pain in other peoples' relationships with their families and feel extremely fortunate.
  3. His teachings are timeless and valuable. This is most evident to Christians. However, no matter what faith one has, it cannot be denied that if one were to follow the teachings and example of Jesus, they would be seen as a good person and would positively impact those around them.
  4. He has given me a good core group of friends. Those to whom I am close, I am very close to. I can entrust pretty much anything to them without fear of judgment. They are there for me when I am having a tough time and laugh with me when times are good.
  5. The more I commune with him and learn about him, the closer I want to be to him. As my relationship, knowledge and understanding grow, he reveals more of his nature to me. He is the best friend anyone could have - like my family and friends mentioned above but even more so.

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  1. Well done.

    Hang on to that "family" one...it's a treasure beyond compare.