Greetings to both of my readers from Marco Island!

(Today's post time is in PST; however, I am actually posting from the Eastern Time Zone).

As August begins, I find myself in Florida once again. If you will recall, I last visited in February for a family reunion that coincided with Great Grandma Grace (AKA Triple G Threat :-P)'s 100th birthday. A little over a month ago, my cousin Andrew sent me an email informing me he was coming for a few weeks for some R&R and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit and revitalize myself so I got a ten-day round trip flight.

This is only two weeks after returning from Huntsville, AL for business travel. I was also able to tack on a few days of personal travel at the beginning to see my best buddy from high school in Nashville. Seeing Josh was great, the instructional workshop I attended was highly informative, and I got to visit the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville (co-located with Space Camp). My one regret was that I didn't take my camera - which I would have used a lot at the Space and Rocket Center.

Back on May 16th, I graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master's of Science in Electrical Engineering. It was a sometimes arduous road, but I feel I am richer for the experience and it was a positive step both for my career and personally. Don't get any ideas - no PhD for me, at least for a long time. The farther away I get from it the happier I am I don't have to go back. I think that's a good indicator that I stopped at the right time.

On Memorial Day weekend, the entire family went up to visit Daniel in St. Helena, where he was employed during his externship. It was a fun weekend and it was great to see Daniel, who ended up moving back to Torrance after his externship ended. We will take another family trip to San Francisco in a couple weekends to attend his graduation (which the school plopped in the middle of August for some reason).

June 2nd marked my 5-year anniversary at work - I started my co-op on June 2, 2003. I have found myself both more satisfied and more productive at work since I graduated - not having school looming over my head makes it much easier to focus and excel. I am forming solid friendships and business relationships and really feel like Aerospace is where I belong at this point in my life.

My car has been treating me well but the motorcycles have not. With Daniel at home, there are 4 2-wheeled vehicles in the household. The only one running is his scooter, which is brand new and I am not responsible for maintaining (yet). My bike has a bad oil seal and should have some pretty significant maintenance done (since I have the engine out anyway). The engine is now out and mostly disassembled, but that got put on hiatus for a while since I'm not exactly there. Stevo's scooter needs work too - It has a frightening rumble. Dad's bike burns a lot of oil and makes a bad sound when taking off. Well, one project at a time I guess.

Well, there's more to say but I've gone on for a while already. Stay posted for more blogging at Grandma's!


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