Blogging from Grandmas' Part 2

(Posting once again in the Eastern Time Zone)

Well, tomorrow is my last full day in Florida - I leave early Sunday morning. I've had the opportunity to do a lot of fun things and have taken a lot of pictures. With my cousin I have visited the Everglades, driven to Miami, and gone to the beach pretty much every night for sunset. I have read two novels (The World Without Us and Heart of a Soldier), visited with my Grandma and Great Grandma, and generally had a very relaxing and enjoyable time. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Great Grandma Grace and I praying after communion at home
Me, Gina (a friend we met at Grandma's church) and Andrew at sunset Wednesday night
Spectacular lightning storm backlighting the beach on Wednesday night

Returning to prophecies from "I Can't Think of Anything Clever to Put Here" regarding travel - I am going to postpone my trip back to the Midwest until spring, mostly for vacation time and weather optimization. The men of the family are planning a camping trip sometime around the new year.

Sanctify is beginning Isaiah with an introduction this Tuesday. We will be there a while. It should be pretty interesting - prophecy always is.


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