Health Status

Not really much good news. I'm back on antibiotics as of last Wednesday. My lungs don't seem to be doing much better - I'm still coughing up lots of stuff and get winded really easily. The antibiotic seems to be taking its toll on my digestive system as well. The daily kefir and yogurt are probably keeping this situation from getting too bad.

I did mostly OK over the weekend; I went on walks both days. However, I got to bed pretty late Sunday night and didn't sleep well so that gave me a bad start to the week. Add to that the fact that the climate control in my office is screwed up and it's 80ish in the afternoon and I haven't had a great couple days.

I was too tired last night to go to the gym and am busy tonight but am going to attempt to get enough sleep tonight and go tomorrow. How well my exercise goes at the gym is a pretty good metric of my bronchial health since the treadmill gives numbers and I generally know how things went last time.


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