Amos 3:1 through 5:17

Hear this word...

Amos tells the Israelites of their transgressions and the upcoming results, which are rather dire. He starts out cleverly with some no-brainer questions but then stabs right at the heart of Israel. He then calls for witnesses from neighboring nations and promises the defeat of Israel by an adversary. This will be a thorough defeat - one from which few will escape and none will be unaffected.

Amos then relays the many opportunities that Israel had to straighten up, but didn't. They were given many signs of hard times in the hopes that they would turn their ways around - but they simply didn't get the clues.

Finally, Amos relays how thorough and horrible of the eventual defeat of Israel will be and how corrupt those who live there are.

This section once again teaches a valuable lesson. Although we are God's covenant people and he loves us and we are secure in our salvation, earthly actions are not without consequence. Yahweh is patient and may be generous with warning signs but if we don't realize our wrongdoings, it is certain that there will be consequences.


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