Another semester is coming to a close...

Well, here I am a mere hour and a half before my first final this semester. I didn't study nearly as much as I should have and don't feel like I learned hardly anything. However, if graduate school has taught me anything it's that I seem to pull through somehow no matter how much I think I absorbed. I feel like I'm at least as well prepared as I was for the midterm and I got a low B on that. One more on Friday and I'm done for the summer.

On another note, I have been auditioning on bass guitar for Suburban Plight, a Torrance band, for the last month or so. We have a show on Saturday night which will be my first time playing in front of a crowd since Sunday morning (hahaha, I play at church) and their first show since November. I am very excited and feel I may finally have found a niche - it really has given me a sense of purpose musically and I always find playing to be a stress-relieving experience.

I gotta get rid of the orange bug. It smells foul - like old VW of course but it's a smell I no longer relish. In addition, it's impossible to haul my half-stack amplifier in there. I'm looking to find a mid-90's Accord wagon. Hondas just work.

I'm a bit behind on Amos blogging. Two more big idea posts are forthcoming. Look for them this weekend at the latest.


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