Re-commitment to Changing My Mind

Some time ago, my friend Laura wrote about Mental Transformation. Unfortunately, the page she references is no longer available. The gist of it was that it is easy to change your worldview to be more Christlike. Simply read a book of the Bible - twenty times. Repeat this for the rest of the books.

I modified the process slightly - I purchased ESV mp3s from The Listener's Bible and began listening through each Old Testament book a dozen times. I made it through Genesis, Exodus, and then seven times through Leviticus and then kind of fizzled out. I'm officially re-committing myself to continue the practice. It's very easy to put it on while I'm at work and let whatever comes through come through. Although it's just in the background, it really does start to sink in after a few times.

I'll post my progress here occasionally to keep me accountable.

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  1. Glad to hear you're starting up again. BTW, I updated the links--the url changed when Joe Carter handed over Evangelical Outpost to a new writing team.