A bit overwhelmed but calm

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. It seems I've gotten behind in nearly every aspect of my life:

  • I've got a major overhaul to do on my computer program I'm creating for work. It seems every time I get something working on it, something else breaks.
  • I need to get both VW's running well and sold. It seems every time I plan to work on one of them, something else comes up.
  • I am behind on the mortgage payments and my financial responsibility in general isn't good. It seems every time I get a bit saved up, an unexpected financial burden hits me.
  • I am behind on schoolwork - I haven't done HW1 yet and am making very slow progress on HW3 (the current assignment). It seems every time I start to make progress I get sidetracked or the problem looks insurmountable.
  • I am behind on Bible study - I need to finish Going to Church in the First Century and study Haggai intently. It seems that I find other things to do or excuses not to read.

Despite all this, I feel a calm. I read the entirety of Haggai this morning. Verses 1-6 spoke to me. Perhaps I should stop focusing on everything else so hard and simply work on building the temple. I have a feeling if I do, all else will fall into place.


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