I love motorcycling

Today on the way from work to school, I was thinking about how much I love to ride my motorcycle. Not only is it more fuel-economical than a car and I can travel in the carpool lane alone, it is a sort of sanctuary. Amidst the ten million other Angeleans, I feel somehow unmolested and uninterrupted in my thoughts.


  1. Back in my bicycling days, I had the same experience, but at a much slower (and indeed cheaper) rate. That's why a Buell is on a future to do list...

    For now, walking does the same thing. It's funny, but as I've spent these many years as a bus-walking commuter, I have begun to realize how stressed and distracted many car drivers tend to be. It may take a while to get where I'm going, but I'm happier.

  2. I don't quite get why, but driving is very stressful. It's also easier to get distracted. During my foray into mass transit last summer, I did discover that riding the bus was much more relaxing than driving even though it took me a little longer to get home (and I fell asleep once and got off at Carson and Crenshaw!)