Making progress

Well, since last I posted, I have made a bit of headway in things:

  • I held a study session at my house on Monday night for my class. These have proven to be very helpful (this was the third weekly meeting). Not only does teamwork make the problems easier, it shows me that perhaps I'm not quite as dumb as I thought and this is just a very difficult class. We got through 2 problems (of 6) in about 3 1/2 hours so are having a supplemental session on Thursday.
  • I downloaded Accounts Manager, a freeware financial thingy for my Palm Pilot in order to track my expenses. Much like my food journal, I think that simply keeping track of what I spend will make me much more conscientious and I'll be more thoughtful of impulse buys. I have decided to quit eating out except for rare occasions and have been bringing my breakfast and lunch to work for some time.
  • I figured out how I'm going to fashion my program for work. I won't go into great detail, but I do have an outline of what needs to happen in my mind. Unfortunately, the powers that be have cut back spending on this particular project since it's the end of the fiscal year and they're hurting for cash. I may not make any progress for a couple weeks.
  • I finished Going to Church in the First Century last night. It's a good book and a very quick read. I'd really recommend it for anyone starting a home or small group Bible study. Here are some reflections from the book (note that I usually have to read something a few times before it sinks in very well):
    • Church in the first century was very communal. Home church services usually lasted all evening.
    • Church was a relaxed, casual affair. Food was served and people sat around and chatted about worries and concerns.
    • Church was familial. Parents brought their children, who enjoyed playing with each other and running about the house. They also listened when the story was told, and were attentive when their parents requested something of them.
    • Church was classless. Slaves, middle class, and upper class citizens were treated fairly and equally - as friends.
    • Church was prayerful. There was a time of worshipful prayer, and also a time of supplicatory prayer.
  • Haggai is also progressing. I am still reading to get the big picture, but will start digging in soon.

Last night I felt YAM went well. I took it upon myself to lead my couch group. I now see the challenge of leading a Bible study when no one else has prepared. When we start the Isaiah group, I'd like to make some preparation a sort of requirement for attendance (unless of course it's someone's first time). My youngest brother Stevo went to YAM last night and his reaction was positive. I am hoping this will get him plugged back in.


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