It's Piling Up

School has gotten very overwhelming in the last week or so. HW3 is due today. After about 12 hours of work (including 3 study sessions) I am somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 done. Not good. I decided it wasn't worth another 10 hours of my life to maybe finish it so I'm going to turn it in late. I'll get no credit for it but I'll also not be penalized. HW4 is due next Thursday. I am leaving Wednesday to go to Iowa for my cousin's wedding, so I pretty much have to have it done Tuesday. That leaves me less than a week and only 1 study session. This weekend I have a Saturday event at church from 9-4. There goes most of Saturday. Sunday I am eating lunch with the Thursday Bible study leadership team and may go to a housewarming at UCLA. There goes most of Sunday. Sometime in there I have to pack too.

Work, on the other hand, is going well. I am on a new project working with a very knowledgeable senior engineer here. I'm learning a new piece of software that simulates stuff (I don't know for sure if I can elaborate so I won't). I have completed the tutorials and am ready to actually begin runs. I got an assignment so I'll see how effectively and efficiently I can produce results.

Bible study has been a bit stalemated lately. I haven't delved any more deeply into Haggai and have only briefly been studying for Sunday and Tuesday. I just need to budget my time a bit better.


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